Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lottay Documents Gift Giving Gone Wrong

  • launches to reveal gifts to avoid this holiday shopping season
  • Chia Pet donkey, men’s bow tie g-string, among top gifting failures
  • Users invited to share their own “giftastrophes” by submitting photos and descriptions to

LOS ANGELES — December 10, 2009 — Lottay, the online gift-giving company, today launched, a website that documents gift giving gone wrong and reveals the gifts to avoid this holiday shopping season. Top gifting failures to date include a Chia Pet donkey, men’s bow tie g-string, and faux wooden art. Users are invited to share their own “giftastrophes” by submitting photos and descriptions to

“ is equal parts PSA, OMG and WTF,” said Harry Lin, CEO of Lottay. “There’s a certain, rubber-necking quality to I mean, how many wish lists include the Chia Pet’s distant relative, the Chia Obama? Or a pair of long-handled toe nail trimmers? Not many. People can give better, and that’s what Lottay helps them do.”

Visitors to will find an array of very bad gifts, submitted by people from across the world who are willing to anonymously share their misfortune. People can also vote for which gift they think should top the list of worst “giftastrophes” ever. Users are encouraged to send photos and descriptions of their own worst-gift candidates to By establishing an unofficial “don’t give” list, Lottay hopes to improve the 2009 holiday gift-giving experience.

People seeking a more satisfying gifting experience may consider the “most wished for” items from Lottay’s 1,000-wish survey, including the Nintendo Wii and Wii games and accessories, cash and travel to France, Disneyland and Las Vegas. Or users can come up with their own creative, thoughtful gifts which they can give in the form of cash wrapped in Lottay’s e-greeting cards, personalized messages, images and pictures, and then delivered safely and securely via PayPal.

For a social snapshot of online gift giving worldwide, people can also visit Our Wishing Wall,, which prompts people to create wish lists that reflect what they really want for the holidays and other gifting occasions.

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