Thursday, December 17, 2009

Most consumers are less than halfway done with holiday shopping

So are you "most consumers"? That headline is from a survey just released by the National Retail Federation. Let us guess ... you *are* one of those last-minute shoppers :-)

I was at a Target store near downtown Los Angeles on Thursday evening and it was hard to find a parking space in what is usually a fairly open lot there. And inside the store, crowded house! Lots of shoppers in the aisles on their mobile phones -- "Well, what did Grandma say she wanted? What? Fuzzy ones or smooth ones? I dunno! They got both kinds here at Target but one costs more. Well is she there can you ask her?"

And the checkout lanes were insane.

All in all, a near-miserable experience. Yay for moi.

And that's why we started So you can, without shame, tell people what you'd like and have them just give you money so you can spend it on what you want. And so you can give people money without embarrassment and be over and done with it from the comfort of your Snuggie and your PC.

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