Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apple iPhone more profitable than Nokia smartphones

My wife loves her iPhone. She couldn't live without it. For her, it's less about the phone and more about the i, as in "Internet". She's checking her email and updating her blogs and tweeting to her 1500 followers on Twitter.

She uses her iPhone like Capt. Kirk used the bridge of the Enterprise. Or, maybe I should say, like Capt. Janeway used the bridge of Voyager. My wife is sort of like Trinity in The Matrix, downloading instructions on how to operate a motorcycle at a moment's notice. (In fact, if she could actually, like, plug her iPhone directly into her head, so as to avoid the virtual keyboard and typing and all that physical fuss, she would!)

I think it's iPhone Moms such as my wife who have helped make Apple a more profitable handset maker than Nokia.

It's amazing when you think about it. The iPhone has been around for, what, two years? And now my wife can't imagine her life without it.

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