Monday, November 23, 2009

Company holiday gifts will be smaller this year

Years ago I was an executive at a large media company headquartered in Los Angeles. Every year near Christmas time, one of the company's top executives would send out holiday gifts to all the managers within his business unit, me being one of them. He always sent Harry & David fruit, usually the pears. I love those pears. I came to expect them every Christmas.

When I left that company, of course I stopped receiving his H&D Christmas pears, and I was sad. I suppose I could just order myself some of those pears ... but it ain't the same as gettin' 'em from the boss as a gift.

Well, according to the news, lots of people will be getting smaller gifts from the boss this holiday year. See this USA Today story here.

The economic slowdown has manifested itself nearly everywhere, including in how companies spend their cash. Holiday gifts for employees will be hit.

I wonder if that exec still sends out the pears...?

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