Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What gifts our users are giving on Lottay.com

One of the most unique things about Lottay.com is that the gift you give can be anything. That's because you're actually giving money - a transfer of cash via your PayPal account - so when you make your gift on Lottay.com, you can tell your recipient that money is for anything.

Example: "Dear Christine, here's $40 toward a mani/pedi - you deserve it, girlfriend!"

We took a peek into our database and saw some interesting gifts being given. Here's a somewhat random list of what gifts are being given on Lottay.com:

A trip to Paris
A trip to Hawaii
A trip to Australia
(The above were in descending order of popularity.)

Nintendo Wii
Sony Playstation
Microsoft Xbox
(The Wii was given more than twice as often as the Playstation and the Xbox combined, BTW.)

Various flavors of iPods
Zune music player
(There were exactly three Zune's given as gifts. iPods - waaaay more.)

A beautiful, one story, 2 car garage home in a very nice neighborhood, with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, custom eat-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances (including a Viking range with built in grill), pantry, sufficient cabinet space, and an island.
(Yes, that was the gift, verbatim, as given on Lottay.com. We assume the "island" meant a countertop island in the kitchen. Not An Island. But you never know.)

a cow
a monkey
a hookah
(All of the above were given one time, each. How much does Satan cost? $200, according to the person who gave El Diablo as a gift.)

rent money

That last one is probably especially relevant in these trying economic times. With Lottay.com, you can send money to someone who needs it ... but without the stigma or embarrassment sometimes associated with giving cash.

Say your friend lost their job recently and is having trouble paying their rent or their car note or their student loan. You know and your friend knows that the best gift you could give them this holiday is MONEY. It's what they really need and want.

But you don't want to hand them a check and say, "Here's $50 to help you pay your rent."

So on Lottay.com, you send that friend $50 "toward a ski jacket." Or "toward a massage." Or "toward a nice dinner out."

The money transfers safely and privately from your PayPal account to your friend's PayPal account ... and your friend can do whatever they want with the money. Face is saved, friendship is strengthened.

Here's to "rent money."

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  1. I used Lottay for a last minute gift. It worked great in that we collected a bunch of money quickly.


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