Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cash is king this holiday shopping season

Are you going to buy gifts this holiday season with greenbacks or with plastic? A new report that just came out predicts that more of us will pay with cash than with credit this shopping season. The report is here at

The prediction is that shoppers will use cash and debit cards instead of going into more debt. Apparently we as a society in the United States got the memo: We've been paying down our staggering amount of credit card debt. And we don't want to go backwards.

No slam against the credit card industry, but, heck yeah, it's about time we stopped piling on the debt and started digging out from under it.

A perfect, and perfectly manageable, way to set and stick to a holiday-shopping budget is to pay only with cash. Personally, I stopped using credit cards years ago. I only pay with cash, debit, or checks (checks! call me old-school!). This no-credit cards rule has made managing my money more straightforward. Don't have enough to buy it? Well then, don't buy it!

This holiday-shopping budget management is something that works well on How? Simple. You send gifts of cash using That cash sits in your PayPal account (you must use PayPal on Lottay). So decide how much you want to spend on gifts, put that amount into your PayPal account, and send your cash gifts with Lottay. You won't over-spend or go into debt. Sweet.

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