Friday, November 13, 2009

My Ultimate Wish List (and, What's yours?)

What makes wish lists on so special is that they are free-form. That means you write out your wish and pick images and a description ... you're not forced to choose specific products from a catalog or something. So, really, you can wish for anything. Your friends and family see your wish and know they're giving you money (safely, via PayPal) toward your wish. (You're getting the money.) Cool huh?

Our users have told us that when they make a wish on, it feels a bit like closing your eyes, focusing on your dream, and then throwing out your wish to the Universe ... and seeing what comes back. Do you believe in karma? I do.

On, people have wished for everything and anything you could imagine. World peace. A monkey. A cow. A Lamborghini. Ugg boots. Cash for the rent. Their girlfriend to tell them "I love you". Their grandfather, who just passed away, to come back....

What's your wish list?

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