Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your loved ones are hurtin'; give 'em cash

We just read this article in USA Today today about how families are hurting this holiday season: "Families that cut a little last year are cutting more now"


We know from our own circle of families and friends how bad the economy is and how much that's hurting people. People are saving money everywhere they can. But with the holidays upon us, the pressure to give gifts to people, there's an emotional pain welling up.

We think you should give people money if that's what they really need. We know that you know that that's what they want.

But don't lose face, don't insult them. Maintain their dignity (and yours), be creative and fun with your gift of money. Give them a Lottay cash gift. It's an online, secure, personalize-able cash gift, from your PayPal account into theirs, "wrapped" like a present.

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