Saturday, November 7, 2009

Welcome to Hints Don't Work! Welcome to!

Hello Gift Lovers!

Welcome to Hints Don't Work, the official company blog of! is a startup company based in southern California. Our main office is in downtown Santa Barbara.

You use to send money as a gift. What makes different than, say, a bank transfer or Western Union? We "wrap" the experience in a "gift-y" feel. Your gift of cash can include an electronic greeting card (an e-card), a personalized message, images and pictures, and comments from others.

Here's a great (and real) example of a Lottay gift. So, yes, on, a gift is anything you can imagine ... just write it out ... but you're giving money toward it. Your recipient gets money in the end, dropped into their PayPal account.

All money sent on is handled exclusively by PayPal, the most trusted name in electronic funds. Safe, secure, and private. In fact, we're a special partner of PayPal.

On, you also can make a gift a group gift by having others donate or contribute to the total. For example, if you want to get me a Nintendo Wii for Christmas (hint, hint!) but it's too expensive to buy by yourself, set up a group gift on and have my friends contribute to the total cost of my Wii. (See that big orange button on that page? Click that :-) Don't worry - you have to confirm everything before sending anything.)

We also offer wish lists so you can tell your friends and family what you really want. Or, even better, invite your friends and family to create their wish list so you can find out what to get them. Isn't that always the hardest thing about giving a gift - knowing what to get them. (Dad, we're looking at you!)

And that's really what is all about: Giving better. (Our web site's motto is "give better.") We believe that money is the greatest gift of all because cash is flexible, useful, and always in vogue. Cash doesn't expire, it has no interest charges, and you can't lose it like a giftcard or gift certificate.

But don't give money in a thoughtless, impersonal way. Give money the Lottay way - a personalized, thoughtful gift toward something they really want. is very new and we're a small team, so we'll be adding new features and cool stuff soon. If you have suggestions, we want to hear them! Please email me, Harry Lin. I'm's CEO. (Before joining, I was General Manager of and before that, Vice President of

We'll be posting regularly on our blog - not just company info but anything we find relevant and useful, or just wacky. Cute videos of funny cats, that sort of thing.

Much xoxo,

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