Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gift cards are the new fruitcake

In the olden days of yore during ye merry ol' holiday times, people used to give fruitcakes as gifts. Lots of people gave fruitcakes as gifts. Yet, very few of the recipients of said cake o' fruit wanted that gift. So it became a joke ("the fruitcake").

I think maybe gift cards are the new fruitcake.

Check out this article in Yahoo!Shine: Five Reasons to Avoid Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Still want to gift the equivalent of cash? We suggest [quite self-promotingly] that you try a online gift of cash, complete with e-card and other nifty gift-y wrapping. A Lottay gift (money sent from your PayPal account into your recipient's PayPal account) has none of the pitfalls of gift cards.

Just say no to gift cards, er, fruitcake this holiday season!

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