Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If you're going to spend green, you might as well buy green

I drive a Lexus hybrid. My wife drives a Toyota Prius. Together we are reducing our carbon footprint, one hybrid mile at a time.

Okay, don't call me smug please, just hang on a bit! I know that driving a brand-new automobile is kind of the opposite of caring for our environment, but I see consumerism as a matter of choices, and those choices have real-world consequences. Even if it's just mitigation.

If you're going to drive a new car, you can buy Car A or Car B and one will have less negative impact on the earth over its lifetime. Simple as that. So, why not make the better choice? Like choosing recycled over virgin, or using canvas instead of plastic, or tap instead of bottled.

As the holiday gift season bears down upon us consumers, think about the choices you're going to make. Your money is hard-earned and has meaning. What you spend it on makes a difference.

So check out these "green" gift guides:

Save the planet!

P.S. Send a virtual gift complete with real money on and be really, truly green. No driving, no shipping, no packaging. Some bits of electricity flowing through the Interwebs.

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